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BYE029: The Making of a Super Soul Comeback

BYE029: The Making of a Super Soul Comeback

Follow Your Curiosity 

~Elizabeth Gilbert~ 

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Top Tips & Lessons Learned From My Periscope Debut

When a new social media platform becomes the “Buzz Lightyear” and talk of the town, for some, it becomes intimidating to ask those in the know without feeling they’ve missed the memo. Thankfully we’ve got  “Uncle Google” and “Auntie YouTube” to come to the rescue and answer common questions about Periscope, such as:

  • What Is It?
  • How Does It Work?
  • Where Do I Start?
  • Who’s Using It?

In case you are curious to “Find Out and Try Out” Periscope, here are a few of my Top Tips and Lessons Learned from my own personal “Periscope Debut” experience.


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