How To Give Yourself Permission To Love Yourself

“Silence Is A Source Of Great Strength” 

~Lao Tzu~


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Sometimes in life, we may find ourselves attempting to act like “Super Heroes.”  We create the illusion of possessing “Super Human Powers” so we can be everywhere, do everything, for everybody else except for ourselves.

But just like a Duracell Battery, all that energy you put out into the world will eventually drain you to point of sheer exhaustion. There is only so much your mind, body and soul can handle without going into overwhelm mode.

That is why, it is imperative to learn how to “Give Yourself Permission To Love Yourself” without having to apologize for it or even feel guilty.

Whenever you feel physically, mentally, or emotionally exhausted, here are a few simple ways to give yourself some “LOVE”, so you can Recharge, Reboot and Re-energize your inner “Super Power” Greatness!


How To Physically Re-Charge

1.) Treat Yourself To A Massage: Either book yourself an appointment or exchange massages with someone you love. A Massage is one of the best ways to instantly reduce stress and anxiety, relieve muscle fatigue while boosting the immune system.

2.) Listen to Your Favorite SoundScapes: “Auntie YouTube” has the best collection of soundscapes right at your fingertips. Find a quite place to relax your mind, body & soul by listening to your favorite nature sounds. Ahhh….Enjoy Your Very Own “Great Escape.”

3.) Hot/Cold Shower Therapy: This by far is one of the most “Shocking” ways your body can benefit  into increasing levels of oxytocin and treating for depression.

4.) Practice Deep Breathing: Woosah! In with the Good Air….Out with the Bad Air! Taking Deep Breaths is a great way to “Clear Your Thoughts and Calm Your Nerves.”

5.) Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food: Take a break from eating processed foods. Love your body more by eating “Clean” and making healthier food choices.

6.) Get Some Extra Sleep: Treat yourself to some EXTRA “Un-interrupted” sleep by turning all electronic devices off approximately 2-3 Hours before you turn in for the evening and most importantly keep them out of the bedroom.  No need to act like you own a “Crack-berry!”


How To Mentally Reboot

1.) Meditate/HolosyncQuiet the mind and get into an Alpha-Theta-Delta “State of Mind” with Binaural Beats.

2.) Connect With Nature: Practice Being Present by immersing yourself with your surroundings and  awaken your senses through nature.

3.) Affirmations/Visualization: Just like your body, your mind also needs to be nourished with positive thoughts. “Your Mind Is A Garden, Your Thoughts Are The Seeds, You Can Grow Flowers Or You Can Grow Weeds” the choice is yours!

4.) Release Your Inner Child: Sing a song, Learn something new, Share a funny story, Create something colorful, Imagine your a kid again and “Just Be.”

5.) Listen To Audio Books/Podcasts: Excellent resources for personal growth and learning new concepts, such as Holosync

6.) The Art of Doing Nothing on a Super Soul Sunday: Treat yourself by giving yourself a “Mental Day Off” for a full 24 hours……Don’t worry about anything and just get your Spiritual Fill!


How To Emotionally Re-Energize 

1.) Keep a Journal: Data Dumping is just as effective as taking a physical dump! You always feel so much better and lighter when you get it all out of your system! LOL Even better yet, write all of your negative emotions on a piece of paper and let it all go by burning it!

2.) Bust A Move: Channel your inner “Super Star” and jam to your favorite songs. Release with your body while re-energizing your soul.

3.) Attitude of Gratitude: Practice saying “Things Could Be Worse” and you’ll begin to appreciate “How Fortunate” you truly are!

4.) Aromatherapy: Peppermint happens to be my favorite “Energizing Scent” which contains many therapeutic properties. It acts as an anti-inflammatory relieving pain, muscle spasms and it also relaxes the nerves.

5.) Clear The Clutter: “Your Inner Chaos Is A Reflection of Your Outer Chaos.” Take a look around your home/office environment. Is it organized or a hot mess? Get rid of what no longer serves you and make room for a “Happy Space” to Create, Work and Play.  Remember….”Energy Flows Where Your Attention Goes.”

6.) Watch Motivational Videos/Read Inspirational Quotes: A fantastic way to instantly shift your emotional energy and mindset.

So…Remember….. Give Yourself Permission To Love Yourself so that you can have the energy to pour yourself into others with:






Love of Oneself



and Wisdom of the Heart!

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